Is there a way of creating an agileboard that uses the value of a Custom field as the swimlane?

Basis for this question:

We have a custom field that represents the project code for a specific task. Some tasks are R&D, others are related specifically to customer delivery. 

I'd like to have a board that groups the tasks by the project code value because it's a natural cross project (IE Youtrack project) way of grouping tasks.


PS I am using the latest YT Build 2017.4 

Official comment

Hi James,

Yes, it's possible. Please go to Agile Boards -> Your board -> Board Settings (cog icon in the toolbar) -> Columns and Rows. Select "Values" for "Swimlanes are identified by" field and then select your custom field in the dropdown:

Please let me know if you need any other help.

Hi Anastasia, 

Thank you for your help on this. I have looked at this but the custom field is not visible. What are the conditions that will make a custom field appear in the drop down? 





Hi James,

The custom field must be:

1. Single-value

2. Of version, ownedField, state, user, enum, build or project types.

Please let me know if it helps. 


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