state-machine rules and oldValue() and becomes() functions

Hi everyone!

I will try to get the old value of the issue field State when State changes from one to other:

transitions: {
    'testEnvInstall': {
         targetState: 'testEnvInstall',
         action: function(ctx){
// TODO: define other transitions from the initial values

but I got exception:

org.mozilla.javascript.JavaScriptException: Invalid argument: undefined

but why? Perhaps because the state marked as:

initial: true

and the whole history of the State become empty?


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The syntax is incorrect. In JS-based API you need another instruction to access the old value:


As `ctx.issue.fields["Field name"]` represents the value of the field in the current issue, it can be `undefined`, so there is no sense to have `oldValue()` function of the value itself.

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