Youtrack integration with Power BI

Dear Community team,

I am trying to export the data from youtrack to Power Bi. I am hosting my youtrack on an ubuntu server. As there are no connectors directly available to connect the youtrack. Is there a workaorund in which I can access the database of youtrack? Is there any way to export that data.

Your help is must appreciated. Thankyou

Best regards,

Muhammad Hatim

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

There's no built-in integration, unfortunately. In general, you can integrate with a third-party service using different APIs we offer: REST API or Workflow API. Workflow API allows you to fire http requests on an issue change that can act as a webhook.

Hi Sergey!

Thankyou so much for your quick reply!. Wanted to make sure that if there is any workaround apart from the API. I am already using Postman to retreive it. So thankyou for your help. You can close this ticket.

Thankyou again!

Best Regards,

Muhammad Hatim

Thanks for the update. Hope the API solution will work for you.

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