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We are testing the usability of the YouTrack system alongside other systems. In our company where more than 50 consultants work, we have roughly the same number of helpdesk agents. In addition to planning and executing SAP projects, we are testing whether we can manage support requests coming from our support clients with YouTrack. We examined the HelpDesk project in the free account we opened for testing, but we couldn't find much about how the helpdesk workflow should proceed. There is documentation for Helpdesk type projects, but we couldn't find answers to some of our questions there, or perhaps we weren't able to locate them.

There are a few priority issues:

  • The users creating tickets via email or form, referred as "Reporters," these are employees of our clients. Multiple individuals (reporters) from a single client can open tickets. At the end of the month, we need to retrieve a ticket report based on each client. How will we establish the "Reporter->Client" connection, that is, where will we define our clients and their authorized ticket creators?
  • When I want to open a sub-task for tasks that need to be done for a ticket coming to the Helpdesk-type project, I see that it doesn't have the sub-task creation feature like in other project types. What should I do to create tasks for a ticket? If I can create tasks for a ticket, I want to add a condition that all sub-tasks must be completed for the ticket to be closed.



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Hi Bahri!

  1. We have a related feature request to introduce client organizations for helpdesk: JT-75138. Feel free to vote for it by clicking the thumb-up button. As a workaround for reporting specifically, you can have an enum-type custom field in your project with values corresponding to your client names. Your support agents can manually fill in this field, or you can set up an automation using custom workflows. The custom field values can then be used as in the report issue filter to create a report for a particular client.
  2. I assume you mean that unlike the dropdown list next to the New issue button, the similar list near the New ticket button returns a list of helpdesk projects. What you can do here instead is click Link ticket below, select the parent for relation and start typing the new issue summary, this way you will be prompted to create a new issue (subtask):

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.



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