How can I group time report by Fix Version

I am trying to create a report (reports->time report) and have it grouped by Fix Versions.  Fix Versions does not appear in the dropdown menu for Group By entry.  Fix Versions is listed as an issue field in the project used.  How can I get Fix Versions to appear in the Group By pull down.  I could also group by tags as all items in a given "Fix Versions" have a tag specific to that release.

Goal is to get a report which shows time spent on each release (Fix Versions).

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I'm Lena from the YouTrack Team.

There are some restrictions for this setting. For example, make sure that this field accepts a single value. Also, please make sure you use only one project for the report. Otherwise, please check if all projects have this field, and in all of them, this field accepts a single value. You can learn more about this setting here: 


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