"New Card" should also get a default description

Hey Hey :-) 

I use the "Default Description" workflow. 
This works quite well for New Issue. 
But when I want to create a new card via the Agile Board, the last draft is always displayed. Even if I delete the content completely. Then the next time I click on it, the card is completely empty, but my template from the workflow does not appear. 

how can i influence this behavior?

Any hint would be helpful.



I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

What's your YouTrack version? You can check it in the upper right corner under the ? icon. 


Hey Sergey Merzlov 
Thanks for your reply. 

Build 2023.1.17582

Wednesday, August 9, 2023


If you use the default description workflow that comes out of the box, it should work the following way:

- if the card opens a draft with no description, it gets populated from the workflow
- if it opens a draft with a custom description, it doesn't get overridden to avoid data loss
- if you clear custom description, then it should populate the description from the workflow

Please check this screencast, run the same test, and let me know if it works differently for you. 


Hey Sergey Merzlov 

This is super helpful, thank you. The default description appears when I repopulate the summary field. I didn't get the idea until now. 
I will communicate this to our team.
Thank you very much.


Thanks for your response.

It's not specifically the summary change. Any issue update (e.g., a field change) can trigger the workflow that would then populate the description if it's empty. 


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