VCS Integration Monitored branches pattern

We've got some release branches which can have semver naming, e.g. "1.2.3".  We also have other branches which have other types of naming, e.g. “feature/…”, “master”, “develop”… 

What we'd like to achieve is the following for the VCS Integration and Monitored branches:

  • Ignore release branches
  • Include all other branches

This because the releases might include cherry picks, and we'd like to avoid them being imported twice (and triggering commands twice). I was hoping for something like this:


But I'm not having any success using it. It appears to also exclude non-release branches. 

Can this be achieved? From my understanding there is only “*”, no regexp or similar.



We support only one asterisk in the expression. So you may use something like this:


Thank you, this should help with our issue.


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