Is it possible to create 2 Scrum boards in 1 project?


Could you please clarify whether creating several (two different) Scrum boards in one project is possible? 

For example, in the case when the project has several iterations which should be managed separately.

Many thanks for considering my request.


Hello Marina,

I'm Lena from the YouTrack Team. 

The short answer is yes; you can create as many boards for one project as you need. 

I see that you also created the ticket in our Support Center. If you don't mind, I will provide the details there. 

Have a great day!


Hi Lena, 

i have a similar question, can you help me ?

Is it possible to query issues from multiple agile boards in a query ?

I tried in many ways but it didn't worked :-(


I tried:

Assigned: me has: {Board XXX - Sprints} OR {Board YYY - Sprints} (this query didn't returned the issues from the 2nd sprint board)

Assigned: me has: {Board XXX - Sprints} , {Board YYY - Sprints} (this query didn't returned any issues)



Vinicius please use Assigned: me has: {Board XXX - Sprints} OR has: {Board YYY - Sprints}


Worked with Assigned: me has: {Board XXX - Sprints} OR Assigned: me has: {Board YYY - Sprints}




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