Board query to ignore tasks that are children of project tickets that are backlogged or archived?


We have a basic 2-level setup for our boards: Projects and Tasks. The agile boards are setup to swimlane based on project tickets.

Currently we filter out stages: Backlog and Archived. But, if a Project if backlogged and has a child Task that's in a valid stage then project still appears on the board. 

I've tried variations of: -child of {stage: backlog} to try to get it to suppress those, but can't find a query that works.

How can I prevent projects appearing at all that are in those stages, regardless of their child task stage?


Hi Alex,

I'm Lena from the YouTrack Team. 

Please try the following: your_query || Subtask of: (Stage: -Backlog )

I look forward to your results. 


Our board is setup to use all the tickets in a single project, so then I filter using this query (based on your suggestion above) - 

Subtask of: (Stage: -Backlog, -Archived  ) & Stage: -Backlog , -Archived 

This seems to work, except that:

1. Now a lot of projects appear greyed out, where they didn't before

2. It seems to have made the board slower, and assigning tasks makes them vanish sometimes, or at least the page needs a full reload for them to reappear



If you still face the performance issues caused by the filter, please text our support directly: .

I recommend it, because we could access some additional sensitive information. 


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