Scrum Board theory question

Good morning, all.

I have set up an agile board named Main Scrum Board for my team.  Each sprint we add a new sprint to the board.  As result, we end up assigning task/user stories to sprints something like: Main Scrum Board Sprint 1, Main Scrum Board Sprint 2, etc.

We use the Unscheduled version of the board as our true backlog.

On our Issues there is a field name Sprints that we are not making use of at this time.   I'm curious how others are using the Sprints field.   

Am I using the agile board and sprints in a weird way compared to others and if there is a better/easier method that I should consider.


Thanks in advance!




I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

The most common usage of the Sprints field is that you sync your board sprints with this field's values as covered here: After that, whenever you change a sprint, it gets updated both ways: the field value and board sprint.

If you don't want to sync it this way, then it's usually a good idea to remove the field so to not cause confusion. 


Thank you, Sergey!   I've played with it a bit now and I think I have a path forward!


You are welcome! Happy to hear that my response helped! 


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