Database Location problem

I have installed YouTrack 5.0 on Windows Server 2012, as a windows service.

The web.xml file appears to have been installed in
C:\Program Files (x86)\YouTrack\work\Catalina\localhost\_\WEB-INF\classes\jetbrains\charisma\main

When I changed the database.location to point at an existing database which happens to be e:\Youtrackdata, when I re-start the windows service, YouTrack appears to be automatically amending the web.xml file and changing the database.location back to ${user.home}/teamsysdata which happens to be on the c: drive and I don't want my database there.

Help please.


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sorry for the delay.

Please find the documentation on changing database location for your YouTrack version here:

The web.xml file is being rewritten every time you restart your instance, that is as designed. Please configure your database location as described in the guide and get back to us if you experience any issues. In that case please submit a request into our support system to get a quicker response.

Thank you!

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