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actually here in the company we use Youtrack 6.5 in an Amazon EC2-instance. We migrated from Sharepoint via the Python CSV importer.

So far, so good, all tickets were migrated and the system runs great. But sometimes i need an import for single issues. In this case the system sends mail from all previous migrated issues. So all people that are mentioned in the tickets get hundreds of mails.

This problem also occurs when i migate a new ticket, no matter what project i use. And it happens with every single new imported ticket, so the mails are send with every import.

So my question: How can i prevent these mails? Is there a list that can be cleared or can i prevent mails when tickets will be imported?


Thanks in advance and Best regards


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Hello Thomas, thank you for reaching out!

Usually there shouldn't be any notifications sent during any import. Neither newly nor previously imported issues shouldn't trigger notifications.

We've faced such issue before and it is fixed in the version 7.0. Am I correct and you have a standalone YouTrack? Did you consider an upgrade to the version 7.0?

If upgrade is not an option, please submit a request into our support system and share the following information there:

1) Which 6.5 build you're using

2) Attach the full logs folder:

3) Provide the start parameters you're using

4) Describe which notifications exactly are being sent when you're importing an issue

Thank you!

Hi Liubov,


Thank you for your reply.

Yes, we have a standalone Youtrack, running on version 6.5. We plan to upgrade to 7.0 in the near future, also because of the new features. And the bugfix is a nice sideeffect then :-) So its actually no need to submit a request yet.


Thanks again abd Best wishes





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