YouTrack 7.0 is slow comparing to 6.5

Hello, after upgrading self-hosted instance from 6.5 to 7.0 it began to work like 2-3 times slower. 
Each agile board opening for 2-3 seconds while at 6.5 version it was almost instant.

Attaching our statistics. How could we improve performance? 

Official comment

Hello Maxim,

thank you for reporting this. Could you please tell us, what is your usual use case with agile boards? Do you open the page with the board anew often? 

Yes, I often switch projects and close tabs time to time. 


Do you refresh the page when you switch projects? Or is it a single page where you just switch from one board to another without refreshing?


Same impression here, seems to depend on the power of the client computer though. I use different machines and get different results depending on the generation of the CPU.


Matthias, it's generally true that the performance depends on the power of the client computer. It is more noticeable on the pages with agile boards because they are heavier. If you notice any performance issues on pages other than boards, please feel free to share more details (you can send them to, send a screenshot from /statistics page and full logs. Thanks.

And an additional note: for various reasons Chrome browser shows better performance than Firefox/Edge, but we're working on improving this situation.



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