Problem with time tracking



I just registered for the trial version of the cloud hosting of youtrack but I quickly encountered a problem with time tracking.

I followed the tutorial i found here:


Yet there is no new tab for time tracking on my issue cards.

Manually trying to change the spent time field shows the following error: 'Cannot change field "Spent time"'


Edit: the url for my board is:


Any help would be appriciated

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Hello! Could you please tell, how do you add spent time? Do you log work items as described here?
It is expected that you can't edit the Spent time field since the only proper way to add spent time is to add work items.
When you've added a work item, do you see a Time Tracking tab? Does the Spent time field value change after that?

Please also note that at the moment when you open an issue by double-clicking it on the board, it is shown in a special mode which doesn't include Time Tracking tab. To see this tab, you need to open your issue in a new tab.

Hi Liubov Dievskaia,


Thanks for responding and clearing up my problem,

Somehow I thought I should be able to add time by double clicking on the issue, by actually opening the issue I was able to add time spent.

Maybe a little off-topic, but is there a way to enable the time tracking tab when you double click on an issue?


Thanks again!


Hello, we are planning to add the 'Time Tracking' tab as well as the other tabs to the issue popup on the board. You can watch updates of this issue in our tracker to be notified of the progress: 

Please let us know if you have any further questions, thank you.


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