Can you have workflows with multiple states that do not 'override' the 'resolved' flag?

I added the custom fields for the Pomodoro workflow, and discovered that one of the requested fields was a 'state' field.

The only other state field, by default, that comes with YouTrack is the aptly named...State field. It dictates when something is 'In Progress', 'Fixed', etc.

Fixed, among others, has a special option called 'resolved', which crosses out items.

The Pomodoro state does not need to know about this. However, after adding it, YouTrack marked all of my previously 'resolved' items as 'unresolved'. This is because the Pomodoro state field has that option unchecked.

What should I do here. Is it a bug?

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So it seems if a YouTrack issue has any 'state' field marked as 'not resolved' it will override any other 'state' field that is marked as 'resolved'.

The solution to my problem was to set all 'Pomodoro state' fields to 'resolved' (even though that makes no sense). When the proper 'State' field has a state that is 'not resolved' (aka, Open/Submitted/In Progress/etc.) then that state will 'win' in a sense.


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