Is it possible to set a field to its default value in a workflow?

I am currently trying to create a workflow that will set a version field to the current 'Default Value' set for that field.

The default value changes weekly so it cannot be hard coded, and I have not found anything in the documentation that helps.

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Hi. I have a similar task. I would like to add new item to filed Iterations (as a swimline) every day, for example. But, when I use this construction:

when issue.Status.becomes({Done}) {

var dateString = now.format(#ddmmyy);



it doesn't work :-(

Even so:

when issue.Status.becomes({Done}) {



I can only add the item to field that already have...

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@Kit Unfortunately it's not possible, but I've created a feature request for you here: . Please vote/comment for the issue to increase it's priority and be notified about updates.

@Dmitry This is not possible either. I've also created a feature request: . Feel free to discuss it on tracker!


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