Email Response Comment Formatting

When responding to an issue notification email, the resulting comment formatting includes too much text. For example, when responding to a notification email with the following text:
Test reply.

The resulting comment in YouTrack has the following:
Issue <Issue ID>: <Issue Title>
Test reply.

<Notification email text>

The only text I was expecting to see in the comment was "Test reply."

Is there a way to more cleanly parse the email body to exclude the notification email text and also remove the issue title (this is a comment to an issue, I don't need a title). You can see a test issue I created here if that is helpful:

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I've got exactly the same problem. If email body cannot be parsed, then YT is no use for us in terms of running help desk. It's not only annoying to see the full body as a comment, but it also after 2-3 emails it is simply impossible to still know what's happening.


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