Question: Is there a dynamic field type?


I have a need for tickets with a field type that is a string but contains more that one line. This field shall be adjustable by the ticket creator, so no predefined list.

In detail, our tickets have serial numbers which they are assigned to. These serial numbers change quite often and new ones come up every day. A ticket might contain one or more serial numbers.
When the tickets are created, one shall be able to filter the ticket list by serial number, that is "which tickets contain this/these serial number/s?".

How would you suggest to do that? Is that possible with a field type or do you have a different solution?

Thanks in advance,
Emanuel Leicht

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Hello Emanuel,

We've already handled the request in email tread. However, I'll be glad to reply here for YouTrack users as well:
Multiple values can be set with field types like:
integer[] and enum[]
The problem here is that in any case, if you have continuously updatable bundle, you will need to update fields bundle first to allow setting new values.

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