Formatting syntax a la Jira?

Jira provides useful code formatting syntax.

For example, {{foo}}, or {code}bar{code} to mark sections of a report as (example) code.

Is there something similar in YT? If not, any plans to introduce it?


Taras: actually, {code}bar{code} is supported now. See You can write {code lang=java} or just {code} for fixed width font and stuff.

{{foo}} looks nice, too. We will consider supporting it.


Thanks Pavel,

That's a useful page.

I think in general it makes sense to support JIRA-style markup. Path of least surprise, I think.

I'm surprised by the wacky bold and italic format. I think it would make sense to support (JIRA style, but also often used in email) *bold* and _italic_ conventions. Just my two cents.


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