Feature Request : SubSystem -> Components


I've been trialing YouTrack against Jira for a large web development project I am about to embark upon. I must say, for a piece of beta software, YouTrack is winning hands down over Jira currently for the type of project I want to run. Its super simple interface is a real plus for people who arent developers and get overwhelmed by Jiras everything-on-screen-at-the-same-time interface.

I had one feature request so far (and I want sure if this was added already) its that, once I have added a Subsystem, it would be great to be able to add components to that subsystem. An example :

If I have a subsystem called 'Admin Interface' then i would like people to register defects / features etc against a particular component of that : eg. Left Navigation / Footer / List Display etc.

From a user experience point of view it would be a real winner to click 'Subsystem -> Admin Interface' then have a list of components for that subsystem I could quickly register issues against (and filter using the great search functionality) instaed of having to explain which component it is inside the bug report.

It seems Jira have been busy not implementing this feature for about 6 years (http://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRA-846) :-D

Let me know if this is already a possible feature and I shall vote for it :-)

Keep up the good work !



That makes sense. I've added a feature request, please vote for it. We'll consider it for the next version.


Thanks Jura :-) Voted !


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