Disable registration page ?


Is there a way to disable the automatic registration page ? we want to go forward with YouTrack but the tracker may contain sensitive information and we only want approved people to be able to login and see the issues.

Any help would be appreciated as we may have to delay using YouTrack until we can resolve this issue as the customer is worried about information leaking.


As a temporary solution, there is a way to grant no permissions for newly registered users at all by removing all roles from groups with "Auto Join" enabled (like the default "All Users" group), see "Configuring Groups" in our admin guide on http://jetbrains.net/confluence/display/TSYSD/Adminitrator%27s+Guide#Adminitrator%27sGuide-ConfiguringGroups.


Is this solution acceptable for you? The only drawback is that users can still register, but they won't be able to do anything.


Hi Pavel,

I've tried this and it does work .. obviously not the ideal solution as you mention. It would be good to add as a possible feature request for future builds.

In terms of security id rather not have anyone even registered in case they find a way to increase their permissions.

Possible features:

     Disable registration option (would require a dedicated 'Add User' section for the administrator interface)

     Email administrator when a new user registers (so i could go straight away and ban them if they are not authorised)

Thanks for your reply anyway :-D


We need the ability to disable this also. If the server is Internet facing to enable external customers to access the system, we cannot have any user registering. At the moment we have to hide the server behind a VPN or SSH tunnel.


Did anyone find a solution for disabling user account creation?


Weston, you can do that in the Hub Auth module, click the Registration > 'Disable 'button.

More information here, section 'Allow users to register themselves': https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/incloud/2017.2/Create-User-Accounts.html


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