iPhone YouTrack client

Yeah, yeah, I hate to be the first one (at least according to the search function) to do this to you guys, but Jira and Bugzilla (and variants) have iPhone rich clients on the Apple AppStore -- it would be only suitable that in the near future (once there is more of a customer base of course, but it's definately not a bad marketing tool to include out of the gate) to provide a nice iPhone client for YouTrack (or the APIs available so somebody else can code one).

Think about it.  Sell it on the iTunes store for .99 or 1.99 USD -- I'd buy it if usability was good. ;-)

Anybody else out there interested in such a client?  Would you pay for it?


Great idea, David!

Now you can vote for your own feature request :-)

I'm sure It will gain other votes, too.

Please please please submit further feature requests to our own YouTrack instance directly, ok?




Will do!  Thanks Jura .... I see some votes are already starting to trickle in ;-)

Let's go folks, we need more votes! ;-)


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