A way to assign bugs to the current dev cycle?

Currently it's only possible to assign bugs to a released version. What is the proposal for assigning bugs to the version which is currently in development? Maybe there should be an extra option for the administrator to mark a version as "in development" next to "released" and "archived".


Have you looked at the live YouTrack that JetBrain's is using for their development of YouTrack?  You can

see they seperate information by which version the bug/issue is in (Version 1) .... and there is a "Fixed In" field where you can put anything (Version 2, next EAP version, etc...).  Doesn't that do what you need?  Otherwise, what exactly do you mean?


Let's say my project has a released version 1.5 and we're currently in development for 1.6.

When we find bugs during the QA cycle of the to-be-released version 1.6 what can we do to make clear that the "Affected version" is 1.6 and not 1.5 which was already released. The "Affected version" drop down-list only shows versions that have been released. To me it seems the only way to assign an "Affected version" to a bug is to create a version 1.6-dev and "release" that so it shows up in the "Affected version" list.



You're right. At this time, you should create a version for every in-development build that you're handing over to QA in order to fill the "affects version" attribute.

This is a known problem which we're intending to solve in one way or another for the next YouTrack version.

We at JetBrains currently don't fill the "affects version" for internal QA, and create versions for public builds (for example, EAP builds).


Alright, thank you for the quick response.

I have no problem "releasing" a 1.6-dev version, I just wasn't sure whether this was the way to go. I'll be on the lookout for JB's suggestion in the next version.


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