How to configure TeamCity integration so that bugs are automatically marked "fixed"?

We are running TeamCity Professional 5.0.2 for a few months now.

Now I installed the YouTrack 2.0 Trial version on the same server and tried to get the TeamCity integration to work.

First, I set up TeamCity integration in YouTrack:

Then, I set upYouTrack integration in TeamCity:

After that, I see everything described in the first link, except this one:

"Whenever an issue has been closed after last known successful build but  before a new successful build, TeamCity integration fills the issue's  'fixed in build' attribute with the exact number of the new successful  build once it has been assembled:"

And more important (for me), the state of the issue has not changed.

As I understand it, the bug should be marked as fixed in YouTrack, as described in this blog post:

It says:

"For example, if a comment submitted with a TeamCity change contains an  issue ID, the issue can be automatically marked as fixed and the Fixed in build attribute is filled with a corresponding build number."

So, is there a special syntax that I must use in the comment? I tried "XXX-1 fixed" and "Fixed XXX-1", but the state of the issue remains the same.

Or did I forget to set up something?

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Can no one help me?

I'd like to purchase YouTrack, but marking issues automatically  as fixed is an important feature for us.

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In mentioned post integration is not described correctly.

Issue is not marked as fixed automatically so far.

Watch this issue to be resolved: in next major release.

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Hi Vadim,

thank you for your answer.

So, about when will the next major release be?

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End of this year I hope :-)


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