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is it possible to merge two or more projects into a single one?

After some month of progress with 3 of our projects it is more handy to merge them into one project and create subsystems for each of the projects we would like to merge.

For instance a simple list of projects:

Project Module A - No Subsystem

Project Module B - No Subsystem

Project Module C - No Subsystem

Merge them all together into

Project - Modules - With Subsystem A, B, C

Build and version numbers are not so important for the merge. Assigned users should have access to this new project like before.

Im not sure about how to handle the links now. Should YouTrack store all generated links to rewrite the URL now to the new project? Or should all the old links point into the nirvana? I don't really know what would be the best.

Custom fields is the next question I can't really answer for my self. In our environment we use custom fields for some test managment instructions. They should now be related to subsystems instead of projects but I dont think this is possible ATM in YT.

Integration with TeamCity is the last of my points I think thinking about is needed. Killing 2 buildagends is not that bad but the one who is left needs to be reconfigured. TC admins should be able but what about all the automations like changing status and stuff like that?

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First of all make a backup.

You can merge projects by applying commands.

1. In project A create subsystem A. In project B create subsystem B. In project C create subsystem C.

2. In the merged project (say M) create subsystems A, B, C

3.1. Select all issues in project A.

3.2. Set subsystem A for them by command "subsystem A".

3.3. Move all issues from project A to merged project by command "project M".

4.1. Select all issues in project B.

4.2. Set subsystem B for them by command "subsystem B".

4.3. Move all issues from project B to merged project by command "project M".

5.1. Select all issues in project C.

5.2. Set subsystem C for them by command "subsystem C".

5.3. Move all issues from project C to merged project by command "project M".

6. Add assignees from projects A, B, C to project M.
To make issues accessible by old URLs you shouldn't delete projects A, B, C. You can turn them to be readonly empty projects.
Yep. Custom fields are configured per project. To preserve CF values after issue movement to another project the CF should be attached to the M project with the same values.
I'm not sure that I understood your last question about TC.


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