Moving item from one project to another but keep reference to original item.


I'm trying to find out if it is possible to do the following.

For the sake of simplicity I kept it down to two projects (but in reality it consists of five); Project A (where customers report issues) and Project B (which is the sprint backlog with bugs from testers, features being implemented, etc).

If a customer creates a ticket in Project A (PA-1). Upon review I determine that it should end up in a nearby sprint and would like to do the following:

* Move it to Project B (as a new item in B (like PB-3) OR keep PA-1 but kept in Project B

* Allow the creator of PA-1 see what is happening with the item (either as a comment stating "moved to Sprint Track as PB-3" or see the actual PB-3)

If I move it the original item is lost (PA-1 dissappears (which is expected), but also all refereces made in comments (like originated from PA-1) will be updated to PB-3, so I have no possibilities to determine an items actual origin neither in comments nor in the history.


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Not references in comments but their presentations are updated.

You can wrap issue id into square brackets in comment text, e.g. "[PA-1]" instead of "PA-1".

Note that your issue with an id PB-3 is accessible by the old link for issue PA-1, because we keep trace of ids when you move issue.

To meet your case we created the feature request to show issue id changes in the history tab.


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