Adding enumeration to custom field

I'm using Energy EAP (build #1356) and can't seem to figure out how to attach an enumeration to my custom field. Under Defaults, other custom fields seem to be linked to Bundles (DefaultPriorities, DefaultTypes, etc), but my new field says, "no defaults".

Does anyone know how to link up an enumeration to a custom field?

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Hello Michelle,

1) If you are creating Custom Field on "Custom Fields" page (/customFieldsConfiguration), then:

- Create Enumeration on Enumerations tab, if you don't have yet

- Create new Custom Field: set Name; choose Type enum[1] or enum[*] depending on if you want set only one value, or choose several; in Default Enumerations choose your bundle (set other options if needed).

- Attch custom field to Project

2) Also you can create CF right in Project's preferences on tab "Fields" using a master, that will help you to pass through all process.


Sergey Andreev

QA Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

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Thank you! That worked.


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