YouTrack licensing and the number of account limit

My impression is the if you want to use YouTrack and keep it open to cutomers you have to buy the Enterprise version, even if you have 2 developers on the project.

This is happening because, as anyone sane you will require your customers to register in order too add new issues (and be able to be notified and to reply). This means that a customer will be considered an account.

I would like to see an official opinion regarding how the number of users is counted, maybe I'm wrong.


Hello Sorin,

Yes, you are correct. If you want to keep YouTrack open to the customers and would like them to register in order to submit issues and receive notifications, then these user accounts are considered as Active User Accounts which are counted over the license limitations. YouTrack allows you to enable guest account, which can be used by external users to post issues, but they won't receive notifications about issue changes using guest account.



As a follow up question: I'd like to offer a paid support service via YouTrack for a product I develop.

I've read the license agreement but there is not mention of what a user account is in terms of expiry.

For example, if I have a 25 user bundle and 25 active users.

If 2 users end their support with me and I disable/delete their accounts - can I then reuse those accounts for a new user or must I cater for 25+ users?


Only Active User Accounts are counted againts the license limitations. So you can simply ban a User that is no longer active in your system, keeping all the history of changes made by this User, and create a new Active User Account instead of the banned one.




We have a clarifying question.

Is the guest user considered to be an "active"?
And if we have 10 real users (developers) and the guest user is 11th, then should we guess that we have 11 user accounts are counted under the license limitations?

Thank you!



Yes, active guest user account is calculated against the license limitations. When the guest account is banned, it's not calculated against the license. 



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