How to specify hostname for youtrack.

I've deployed youtrack.war in ubuntu linux in jetty 8 behind nginx reverse proxy. Now I want to make a nginx rewrite rule so that* will point to*. But when I do that all page links like js and css still point to /youtrack/*. How to tell youtrack to use different url? (Under jetty it still will be in subfolder since it also hosts other servlets)

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Hello Roman,

Unfortunately, there's no way to do what do you want exactly.

You may bind Nginx*

to you YouTrack installation, then just configure permanent redirect for Nginx from / to /youtrack/ to redirect users smoothly.

Users will see /youtrack/ path in URL anyway.

Other solution is to move YouTrack to the root of Jetty, then you can bind Nginx to*

but as I see it's unacceptable for you, because other applications there.




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