Where can I down load the mobile clients, such as Android,iPhone?

From the doc:


Quick Start Guide. Mobile UI


Since version 3.0, YouTrack provides Login and Full Issue View screens optimized specifically for mobile platforms. Thus, following YouTrack changes notifications on mobile devices became much more comfortable and easy. Apple iOS, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile devices are supported.

No results found from Android Market by searching with keywords ”you track" or "youtrack".

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Hello, Daniel.

We do not have mobie applications for Android or iPhone.
But our layout is optimized for mobile browsers.
So, you can use youtrack with them by URL http://youtrack.jetbrains.net



Kapusta Mikhail

QA Engineer

JetBrains, Inc


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In youtrack 3.0 we've support mobile browsers for full screen issue only.

Try this link with your smart phone or ipad, for example: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/JT-1111

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Thank you!

I haven't thought about entering the url in my phone. It works well in my Android phone.

If there is a client, it can do more things than web page, such as new issue notification, faster load speed.


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