How to notify particular user in workflow?

The title says it all. I need to notify particular user if an issue ends in one of the states. There is notify method on User object but I don't know how to get the object for a particular user. I have the same problem with assigning issue to particular users (which could also eliminate the need for notification).

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Currently, it's impossible to send notification to a specific user.
1. You can notify only users, like:

var user = project.leader
var user = issue.Assignee
var user = issue.reporter
var user = loggedInUser
var user =
var user = issue.Subsystem.owner

2.  Here is the request:

After release it, you can use WF, for example:

var foundUser;
permittedGroup = {"All Users"}
for each user in permittedGroup.getUsers() {
  if ( == "") {
    foundUser = user;




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