YouTrack Trial - Instance Missing/Unavailable!


Has anyone else that was part of the YouTrack trial had connectivity or loss of data issues since the upgrade email was sent out?

The email contained:

Thank you for choosing YouTrack and being with us during the beta period.
Here is the link to your YouTrack beta instance:

We want to let you know that YouTrack InCloud has been released! Now you can enjoy all the advantages of your YouTrack site in production quality — free all winter!

In order to continue using your YouTrack InCloud site in production, please follow this link to confirm your intention:

We would like to make your experience with YouTrack InCloud as pleasant as possible. Enjoy your service uninterrupted, with all your data safe and secure.

Please confirm before December 31, 2011

Since receiving this we have not been able to access our instance!! It has been more than 48 hours now and we still don't have access to our data which was responsible for many projects :-(


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We apologize for the delay and the inconvenience. :-(

Could you please provide us your instance name?

Best regards,


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Hello Mark,

We deeply apologize for the inconvinience you have experienced, caused by our temporary issue. Just a small remark, your issue was solved in less than 12 hours. Your instance is up and running, we've contacted you by email. We apologize once again.

Kind regards, 


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