Why is the LDAP tab in Administration missing?

I'm not seeing the LDAP tab in the administration section any more.  This is YT 3.0.4, with a 20 user pack.  Any reason why it disappears?  I do have User Registration turned on...

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Hello Russell,

Looks like you're using YouTrack 2.x license, since you have 20 Users. LDAP integration was not available for Professional edition (20 Users) in YouTrack 2.x. Ater the YouTrack 3.0 release we've send you a new license for 25 User Pack, that includes LDAP integration. I've just resent you the license, please check your email and update your license key in your YouTrack. After you change the license, LDAP integration tab should be available. Please let us know if it helps.



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