API Access - 'YouTrack maintenance in progress' - Current Status?


I am trying to experiment with the YouTrack API tonight however I am encountering the message via http://freeagent.myjetbrains.com/rest/user/login as well as through API calls:

YouTrack maintenance in progress.

We are currently updating the server.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

This page will be reloaded automatically as soon as YouTrack is ready

Can you confirm if this is a valid message please? I with to double check as in the past I have faced a similar message on another service when it was either my login details were wrong or there was a mis-setup in my configuration.

I was able to use 'python csv2youtrack.py {url} {user} {pass} {project} [etc]' and establish a connection for data import which I believe is part of the same mechanism?

This message is also received when using curl and a ruby based HTTP Lib.

Have I missed something? Or do I just have to wait until tomorrow?

Should this simply be a maintenance window where would I find information on when these happen please?



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Forgot to add I am following the API guide http://confluence.jetbrains.net/display/YTD3/Log+in+to+YouTrack

And running a POST on 'http://freeagent.myjetbrains.com/rest/user/login/rest/user/login?USER&PASSWORD'

The login details I am using are for a non root account with the following permissions:

  • Add Attachment
  • Create Comment
  • Create Issue
  • Link Issues
  • Low-level Administration
  • Read Comment
  • Read Issue
  • Read Issue Private Fields
  • Read Profile
  • Update Comment
  • Update Issue
  • Update Issue Private Fields
  • Update Profile


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Hi Vadim

Thanks for this information, are you able to have the documentation updated to reflect this please as It currently shows 'POST /rest/user/login?{login}&{password}' ?



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