Need help with CSV Import

Hi all,

I'm trying to import a .csv file (which contains data from our existing bugtracker) into YouTrack.

I'm using the information from the YouTrack wiki to get this done (

I can't get it to work though, who can help me with the following issues?

- I need some kind of example of a csv mapping file

- How do you execute the python script with commandline inputs? (do i have to add the 'python' command as a system variable?)

- Can the import script create a new YouTrack project or can you only import into existing YouTrack projects?

I would be really grateful with any help, thanks in advance

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-You can find examples in "csv" folder in python library.

-You should have python installed on your computer. After that you should simply type this command

python target_host target_login target_password project_id project_name path_to_csv_file

in command line.

-Yes, import script can create new project, so you shouldn't create it manually.

If you have any more questions -- feel free to ask!


Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I've looked over the csv mapping file example that was in youtrack-python-api-3.0.2-44. I assume that is the folder that you were referring to.

And I've created a mapping file, which I stripped to a bare minimum to test the functionality, and this mapping files matches my .csv file.

I still have trouble executing the script with the commandline parameters though.

So, I'm trying to run the command that you listed above, however I get the following errorcode: [Errno 2] No such file or directory.

I think it has something to do with the PYTHONPATH variable.

I've added <fullpath to youtrack-python-wrapper>\python\ to my systemvariable 'PYTHONPATH', no succes unfortunately. I read somewhere that you can put 3rd party modules in 'Python27/Lib/site-packages', but that also doesn't work.

Can you help me out or do you have any suggestions that might work?


Alright I finally got it to work, at least with my very simple testcase (=simple csv file + simple mapping file)

A couple of pointers that might help other people:

- Make sure that python.exe is added to your environment variable:  'PATH'

- If you can't get PYTHONPATH to work, execute the commandline command from the folder where your *.py file is located

- Refer to the 'target_host' parameter with the absolute IP-Address of your YouTrack installation. (For the localhost:

- It's easy to put your *.csv file in the same folder as the *.py script, otherwise use the full path to the *.csv file.

These pointers might seem easy, but it isn't documented properly in the YouTrack wiki.


Ok I've got a different question now, I'm having trouble with mapping to the 'state' and 'type' fields.

My mapping file contains this code:

csvClient.VALUES = {

    "priority"      :   {"Minor" : "2", "Major" : "3", "Critical" : "1"},

     "type"           :   {"Error" : "2", "Deficiency" : "3", "Request" : "1"},

     "state"      : {"Not-Processed" : "0", "Solved" : "1", "Disclaimed" : "2", "Rejected" : "3", "In-Progress" : "4", "Postponed" : "5"}


But I get the following error message (shown in the output script):

<item id="1" imported="false"><error fieldName="Type" value="1">Value is unknown</error><error fieldName="State" value="1">Value is unknown</error></item>

Value is unknown.. why is that? I've added my custom strings to the fields in YouTrack Settings.

Who can help me out?

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Could you please provide just few lines of your csv files, where those types are mentioned?


Hi Anna, thanks for your reply. I've posted some more information below, please note that it's not the complete .csv file or complete mapping.

csvClient.FIELDS = {

    "numberInProject"   :   "ID",

    "summary"           :   "R_Error_SDescription",

    "created"           :   "Error_Detection_Date",

    "type"              :   "Error_Level",

    "priority"          :   "Priority",

    "state"             :   "Processed_Type"


CSV File (shortened):

ID Error_Detection_Date Error_Level R_Error_SDescription Priority Processed_Type
1 14-11-2011 1 description 1 1 1
2 14-11-2011 2 description 2 3 1
3 14-11-2011 2 description 3 3 3

Is it possible that you can't map an integer to a string or something?


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