How to replace bundle for a custom field?

Hi all,

I've created a custom field ("Verified by" to be precise) for a project in YouTrack (version 3.0.4 if it matters) and choosen existing bundle (standard "Assignees") for it.

After using this field for a while it turned out that the bundle (the list of "verifiers") should be different...

Apparently I've choosen the wrong pre-defined bundle for the custom field, and now I would like to change the bundle - to create a dedicated one.

However I don't see how this can be done.

The workaround is to detach the field and reattach it back with the proper bundle, but that will reset all existing values for issues. I'd prefer to avoid such reset...

Is there any solution for this case?

Thanks for info in advance!

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Hello Anton,

Unfortunatelly, it's not possible now. Here's the respective feature request: Please vote for it to get it implemented faster.

Best regards,



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