Common Sprint for multiple projects

Hi there, we have 4 projects in the company but we do a global sprint for all of them

We plan what to do in the next 21 days and we start working. In the 4.0 release there is no way to define a sprint for all projects, I played a bit to unify the milestone field but there is no way to select for example sprint 12.10 and see all the issues of all projects and work we them, see the graph, etc

I'm doing something wrong or that feature is unimplemented yet

Thanks a ton
You can attach the same version bundle to fields 'Fix versions' of several projects.

Now when you choose a sprint on agile board from mentioned bundle issues from all projects this sprint is assigned to should be shown on board.
I did something like that with the RC selecction the agile board and all projects in the combo.

Sod when I select one sprint YouTrac automaticaly select the first project with that sprint and filter all the issues to only that project

I will try to repro in the release version but must do the same.

It looks like know issue, planned to 4.0.1 - feel free to vote for
Genious :)

Feedback added, just a another small impove will be to add a combo option for the sprint instead of going one by one, making the server work more, and the process to select a sprint slow.

Sorry, didn't catch the last improvement suggestion. Could you please describe it in details? Thanks
The only way to select and sprint in 4.0 version is to change one by one with the arrows, a better way is to use a combo to show the available ones and select one.

Do you mean the sprint selector on agile board? It's a dropdown - click on it shows all available sprints.
There is a related issue I think, not sure if you want a new ticket for it.

1. Setup multiple projects
2. Make them all use the same Fix Versions bundle
3. Go to the Agile Board, confirm that board displays issues from all projects using that versions bundle (so far so good)
4. Enter a query to filter the issues on the board, like #{Assigned to me}.  Results only display issues in the one project selected in the Context drop-down.  There is no "Global" context for the Agile board, and there seems to be no way to see the issues from other projects in any search result views.

The use case in which I first encountered this was trying to filter the board down to issues in just one of the projects: project: {SDK}

I can see sdk issues in the main board view, but get no results if I use that search query.

Also, it isn't clear what I should see if I select one of those other projects in the Agile board context drop-down...If I do, it tells me that project isn't set up for Agile, and if I set it up, I see only issues with No Fix Versions.  If I select a Sprint from the drop down, the Context flips back over to my first project.
Sorry Dmitry maybe I did't get that it was a combo LoL, in fact in the EAP version maybe the arrows were the only way.

Thanks and sorry for make you lost some time :(
Not at all, this combo design really was changing several times.
How to create "Fix Versions bundle"? @Russel Egan recommends to do it for the initial issue (one sprint for two projects).
Can't find it in your Help.
Is it a new feature? Your online help is still for v3.0 (
@AlexKlaus Sorry for long delay.

Please look at Agile board documentation.
Also you can manually attach custom field 'Fix versions' to your project. For this go to administration > project > 'Fields' tab > attach field > follow wizard.
HI. I am seeing the same problem as Russell.  When I apply any filter, I no longer see issues from all projects, only the one project currently selected.

Why not let me select "Everything" in the project selection box, and we're done?
HI. I am seeing the same problem as Russell.  When I apply any filter, I no longer see issues from all projects, only the one project ?currently selected.

I guess you are talking about this issue so it's already fixed since 4.0.2.
Why not let me select "Everything" in the project selection box, and we're done?

The problem is that there is no averything Agile, this combobox has another meaning on Agile board it show you available agiles or projects if you have ability to create new agiles. Actually we are going to redesign this part, that it could be clearer to understand.
I think I found a better solution. If I understand correctly, the general suggestion for multiple projects sharing a sprint is to assign the same bundle to Fix Versions for those projects, with values such as SprintName1, SprintName2 etc.

The problem with that is that you no longer have a individual versions for the projects, which I also would prefer to be v1.0, v1.1, v1.2 etc. Also the versions typically differ for the projects and have different release schedules, so here is what I did:

  • Add new custom field 'Sprint' of type version[*].
  • Add a bundle 'Team Sprints' or similar, and add the sprints to it with scheduled release date, name etc.
  • Go to Agile Board -> Agile Settings -> Board Fields and set field to identify sprints to 'Sprint'. Repeat this on for all projects that should share sprints.

Now, when planning a sprint I go to Agile Board, then first I visit say "Desktop" project, expand its backlog and drag stories to Sprint1. Then go to "Web API" project and drag stories to the same sprint. Then finally the same for our "App" project. The versions for each project in 'Fix Versions' are still independently controlled, which I think is a much better solution.

I haven't seen any drawbacks with this solution so far, but it is still early.

What are your thoughts?


One drawback/bug I think I've found with this approach is that dragging a story to the backlog does not properly reset the Sprint field value. I have to manually, with commands, reset the Sprint field of the tasks and stories.
An update on my solution. There are some significant bugs, and I think they come from using a separate custom field for sprints.

  • Dragging a story/feature to the back log does not reset the story and its children to "No Sprint". And F5/refresh shows that the story was indeed not moved.

  • Searching in agile board on assignee is not intuitive. It does not include tasks for all projects sharing the sprint, even if all are showing on the board when no search filter is active. It only includes tasks from the selected project. That is annoying. Also, I've seen sometimes it includes tasks with other assignees, but that may not relate to this solution specifically.

On a side note, generally I find it very time consuming to move stories and all its children to another sprint, since you can't select stories from the agile board.

I'd love some feedback from YouTrack staff as this use case is common for many dev houses. Are there any improvements planned for cross-project sprints? Improvements to agile board in general?

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