How can I create subtasks?

How can I create subtasks what will placed one under another.
Look at pic from official page.
Task Er-17 has subtask Er-24
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Ways to create a subtask:
1 Set focus on some issue on issues list (or on full screen issue) and press 'Ctrl+Alt+INSERT' - it adds linkage 'subtask of'
2 Click on down arrow close to 'New issue' button > select 'subtask of'
3 While create new issue open command window (Ctrl+Alt+J) and type 'subtask of #issueID'
4 Select 'subtask of' in toolbar 'link' action
5 On tree view just drag one issue under and with right shift of parent issue
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I think this needs to be updated for 2021.

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Please refer to this guide to learn how to create subtasks in the latest versions of YouTrack: Briefly, the logic is still the same. 

If you want to create a connection between two existing issues, please refer to this guide: 


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