Create subtask of swimlane using only keyboard

I really like the keyboard functionality in YouTrack, but I have yet to find a way to accomplish this.
I create a new swimlane with ctrl+alt+shift+Insert. Then I try to insert a subtask, but neither alt+Insert nor ctrl+alt+Insert inserts task into that swimlane. They just insert into whatever other swimlane has the focus.

On a side note, I also can't seem to understand how to "focus" on a swimlane. The only way I have found that changes focus is to insert a task into that swimlane using the "Add Task" button inside the lane. The swimlane with focus is visually marked, but I can't find a way to click anywhere or use the keyboard to focus on a different swimlane.

Using 4.1.3 #5764.
Hello Andreas,

Thank you for such kind feedback!

You can create a subtask of a swimlane only when focus is on that swimlane. Please, move focus on the swimlane (LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN shortcuts) and then create new task inside the swimlane (ALT + INSERT). If you have created task outside the swimlane, you can move focus on the task and then move this task in (Ctrl + UP) or out (Ctrl + DOWN) the swimlane.

Feel free to contact us if have any questions.
Thanks for the follow up. The up/down arrows only seems to work if the swimlane already has tasks in it. So if you just created a new swimlane, then I can't use arrow keys to focus on it. Arrow keys only jumps between tasks, and does not select or stop on the actual swimlanes, so that is probably the reason.
Just to be clear, using keyboard only is still not feasible when creating new swimlanes. Only when adding tasks to swimlanes with already added tasks can you use alt+insert. When setting up a new backlog, it is a bit tedious having to use the mouse all the time.

Using ctrl+up to move a new task into a swimlane only works if the swimlane is expanded and in our workflow we generally have swimlanes collapsed unless we are working on them. On a side note, I know there have been requests on this forum to more easily expand/collapse all swimlanes and this is one the cases where that applies.

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