Private and public projects?

Does you track give you the ability to create projects that are public and projects that are private. For example we would like to have some open source projects which exposes our planning and users can register to submit bugs and read our issues.

However we also want to have private projects as well. Is this possible?
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Hello Luis,

project accessibility is defined by the users permissions in this project. Users those have "Read issue" permission in given project can see all this project visible issues. Users can be joined into the groups and the granted to a group permissions are inherited to the group members.

So to make a project public, e.g. visible for users from group "viewers", grant the permission "Read issue" to the group "viewers" in the given project.
To make the project private grant the "Read issue" permission to only restricted group(or individual users) in the given project.

For details please look at the doc references private project and private and public projects.

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