How to send Mailbox Integration Alerts to multiple users?

I have added a mailbox using "mailbox Integration" feature in the Administration section to track down all support emails that development team needs to work on. The idea is that when someone has issue with our developed software, they send us an email to the dev support address and we provide them support and log time for that. I have created a Project just for logging such issues.

Now the problem is that when a person sends an email to this email address, it only sends the notification to me. I want it to send out alerts to all Assigned users on this project so they know there is an email pending for them.

Is there any way to accomplish it?
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Hello Mark,

There are two ways to configure notifications:

1) Each user of your team can enable this option from their own profiles. To do this, please enter search request in search bar to display project's issues (e.g. "project: NameOfYourProject") -> save this request by clicking plus button (new "Saved search" will be created). Navigate to "Profile"-> "Filters and notifications" tab, find your saved search in "Saved searches" column and enable option "on issue created" (notifications will be sent to user when new issue will be created in your project).

2) You can create your own workflow which will allow you to send notifications on each issue which has "Assignee" field with "Unassigned" value. This variant allows you to configure notifications without configuring each user's profile.

We can provide you with the information about how can you create your own workflow or create it for you.
Workflow documentation is available here

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you.
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Thanks Andrey, I have not been able to figure out the correct workflow for this.

What I want to do is:
For every new issue being created via email (mailbox integration) I want youTrack to send an email alert to 3-4 youTrack users that the new issue [ISSUE ID] has been created in project XYZ. It should include a link to that issue.

is it possible? Can you assist, please?
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Hi Mark,

the most number of things you desire it's possible to implement by customizable workflow, but due to JT-16404 it's not currently possible to trig workflow at the moment of an issue is created by mailbox integration.

But you can monitor new issues by the schedule rule:
schedule rule new letter 
every minute [for all issues] { 
  if (created + 1 minute > now) { 
    project.getUser("user1").notify("New issue from letter", "The new issue " + "<a href=\"" + getUrl() + "\">" + getId() + "</a> just has been created."); 
    project.getUser("user2").notify("New issue from letter", "The new issue " + "<a href=\"" + getUrl() + "\">" + getId() + "</a> just has been created."); 

But also those people who wants to get notifications about new issues in given project can do it using the standard notifications by saved searches.
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Mark I don't know if this will help but this is the workaround we came up with.

1. Create an account for the same service account used for mailbox integration.
2. Under Mailbox integration set maintainer as service account and set Filter>To as the service account.
3. Set the project lead as the service account.
4. Create a distro account for your team.
5. Set a rule in the service account to:
After the message arrives and...the message was received from 'YouTrack From Account'

Do the following...forward the message to 'Distro account' And move the message to folder 'Whatever folder you want'And stop processing more rules on this message

This setup allows for my team to be notified and reply to auto update all replies as comments on the ticket.

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