How can i lock a project (along with all of its issues) from being updated except for links?

I know this can be done with workflow but I dont know how to check for issue links.. also I was wondering if there was a way to configure the project via permissions (that would override people's default permissions accross all projects).

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Hi Diego,

unfortunately it's not possible to configure a project in such a way. But you right, it's possible using workflow, I can assist if needs.
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Thank you for the answer! How could i prevent any update to an issue from workflow.. i thought about

assert 1==2: "This project is archived and cannot be edited."

would that work? is there a better way to revert/disallow changes?
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It's better to define the allowing modifications as condition:
rule Lock project 
when !relates to.changed && !subtask of.changed && !parent for.changed && !duplicates.changed && !is duplicated by.changed && !depends on.changed && !is required for.changed { 
  assert false: "This project is archived and cannot be edited."; 
prettyPrint(); (2.1KB)

Please also consider two default workflow "jetbrains-youtrack-lockOldSprints" and "jetbrains-youtrack-lockSprintsByName".

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