Email notification replies as comments on issue

On this page in the docs:

is this text:

If YouTrack finds that new received email relates to a previously created issue, then the body of this message is added to the issue as a comment. To determine that the message relates to an existing issue, the following strategies are used:

  1. Standard MIME threading by 'message-id'/'in-reply-to'.
  2. Reference to the issue id in the subject.
  3. Threading by subject, excluding 'Re:', 'Fwd:' and ignoring content within square brackets (the same strategy that GMail uses for threading).

That's great, but I'm not clear on how to get it set up. Right now, that's all the functionality I'm looking for. I'm aware of the other features that are in there (namely, creating new issues by e-mail), but right now, I just want to get comments working.

My hope was that I could just point YT to a mailbox and give it a check-mail schedule, and that would be that. It would pick up replies to notifications and add them as comments to the corresponding tasks, as described above. That's apparently not how it works, however. If I don't set up a rule, the mailbox is not checked. However, the rules target a specific project, so to get this working across the board, I have to set up a rule for every project, and set up a new rule for each project I add in the future. Am I interpreting this correctly, or is there a better/easier/faster way to get this working?
Hello Bob,

You are a bit mistaken. It seemed to me that I should clarify what is the Mailbox integration and what is Notifications. You can set up Mailbox integration and configure rules for fetching emails. Use case for Mailbox integration is when user send you an email, this email automatically becomes an issue in YouTrack. And when you answer the email, your reply automatically becomes a comment under the email.
But these are not notifications. Notifications send you when someone creates an issue in project and you are not able to reply it to make it a comment under the issue.

Regarding rules for the fetching mailbox- yes you are right, you should create a rule for each project.

Also, I would like to add a bit more extended reference about how to configure Mailbox integration and workflows to make it works with feedback

And it would be great if you provide me with more detailed use case (are you going to configure Mailbox integration for feedback or you just want to configure Notification sending) ?

Don't hesitate to contact us if have any questions, we'll be happy to assist.
What I want is this:

When someone receives a notification from YouTrack (e.g., issue updated, comment added, whatever), if they then reply to that message, their e-mail message gets added to the issue as a new comment.

The use case is simple: It makes it easy for anyone following an issue to add comments to it. For example, yesterday, I was at home when one of the developers on my team added a comment to an issue, and YouTrack sent me the comment via e-mail, which I received on my phone. I noticed the guy was missing a detail, so what I wanted to do was simply reply to the notification message and have my reply get added as a comment, which the developer would receive moments later via another notification. Instead, I had to log into the company VPN, then dig out my YouTrack password, navigate to and log into YouTrack, find the issue, and finally add a comment. (Or least, that's what I should have done. I didn't have that much time, so I ended up just letting it go until I got into the office this morning.) In this way, a group of people can post a whole series of comments to a task without ever touching the application.

Really, it sounds like the mailbox integration you already have does this, but I want this particular aspect of that functionality available outside the context of integration rules - it should just be globally available (perhaps able to be turned off per-project). Assuming the logic follows the exact same rules I quoted from the docs in my original message, project-specific rules are unnecessary for this because the message itself identifies the task it should affect.

This feature has long been available in Bugzilla, and it's extremely popular there. I think it's also in FogBugz, and probably others.

For bonus points, allow a command to be included with the message so that changes can be affected right from the reply. For example, I can reply to a notification with some free-form text that is added as a comment, and a command that changes the status of the comment to signed-off. Bugzilla also includes this; not sure about other tracking applications. An example of this type of reply is:

Subject: [TEST-100] Add foo widget to bar

Looks great! Let's get it out in the next release.

@state complete signoff me work 5m

This aspect is similar to what you already do with SCM commit messages. (BTW, I tried to use a hash character there before the command versus an at-sign character, but the wiki was parsing it. How does one get a literal character that's otherwise seen as wiki markup?)

Does that make sense?
Hello Bob,

Sorry for the delay.

That makes sense.
As you've said, we have already implemented this fuctional. You are welcome to configure notification and rights for users in the way they will be able to reply notifications and notifications become comments of the issues. You can create your Role with the needed rights (in your case- comment issue and edit issue and several others), add this Role to the "All users" group (this group is included all users by default). In this way, all users will be able to reply to issues' notifications.

Yes, we also have implemented applying commands via messemnger. It's called Jabber-bot. Here is the link where you can look at simple examples of it .
There is no hash character neede to send and apply command.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with configuring mailbox-integration or Jabber-bot.

Once again, sorry for the delay with the answer.
Hi Andrey,

I would like to accomplish exactly the same as Bob @ Feb 21. So when someone replies on a notification mail, the reply will be added as a comment to that specific ticket.

I've enabled Mailbox Integration, and when I add a rule it creates new tickets for each reply, which I don't want, I want comments under an existing ticket.

I even added a role with the rights 'comment issue' and 'edit issue' which I gave to the All Users, but it still does not work.

Can you please help me?

Kind regards,

Bump. Unclear to me how this works.


Hi Zackariat 

I'm Lena from the YouTrack Team. 

This thread is quite old (10 years), so I recommend you review this docs article:

It describes the current situation with the mail processing. Let me know if you have any additional questions. 


Thank you Lena Vostrikova.

Still having some issues.

  • I've added to the mailbox integration an line item for
  •  In the notifications for a Project I've added that same e-mail as the reply-to address (I don't see a ""From address", even though your link refers to it)


  • when commenting on an issue in the project, a user receives an e-mail with said comment (=good)
  • when replying to that e-mail, the comment is not added to the issue (=bad)

How do I fix this?




Please contact our support team directly vie this link:

It looks like we require some additional information for investigation. 


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