Issue is overdue before 'Date Due'


I'm getting Issue is overdue emails before the date set in my Data Due custom field.  Is this correct behaviour?

Where is the email notifier getting its value from?
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Hello Lucien,

Could you please clarify your use case? It's a bit unclear.
We have no notifcitaions on Due Date (notification that is sent when it's due date for the issue). It may be send when Due Date is changed (so, issue is updated) or you have a workflow that sends a notification about the Due Date (however, in this case action is not very clear).

All values for your templates you can find in "Notifications templates" in "Administration" area.

Waiting for details from you.
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Hi I did email but maybe you did't get it.  I am getting Issue overdue email at 10 am each day for every issue. I have not touched the notifications templates or changed them from their default state.  We are setting this up for production use.
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Hi Lucien,

We didn't get your email. Did you sent it to support ( ?
I assume that, by mistake, you use workflow that sends notificatons on Due Date field.

Could you please provide us with logs? If you use YouTrack InCloud version, please tell us your instance URL name. If you use YouTrack Stand-alone version, please attach logs here or just send it to support address that I've pointed. YouTrack logs are located in the <USER_HOME>/.youtrack/logs directory.

Waiting for details from you,
Thank you.
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Thanks for the reply Andrey.  Our cloud id is oxinfolabs - we are getting blasted with server notices at 10:00 from
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thanks our cloud id is oxinfolabs

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