Waht to use as a Knowledge Management system??


I have a development/support team of 8. I use the resources to do both development, support and task management. Every time the team resolves a common task i get them to write a knowledge document on how they did it how some once else can do the same thing. I am looking for the best place method to store these documents does Jetbrains/youtrack have a knowledge base system as part of it or have any recommendations as it would be good to have one tool?
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Hi Duncan,

YouTrack has no internal option to store/actualise documentation but you can use any version control tool for that.
Also, you can integrate YouTrack with integration server TeamCity and automate, simplify the docs actualising process. Summarising it all, you can configure tool chain of YouTrack + GitHub + TeamCity. TeamCity will upload and update your documentation on GitHub which is assigned to definite issue on YouTrack.
Please look at the GitHub integration referemce http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/YTD4/GitHub+Integration
and at the TeamCity integration reference http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/YTD4/Integration+with+TeamCity

Ask me for more, I will assist you to set it up.
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We're attempting to setup a process chain like this as well.. we're using TeamworkPM (project management) –> feeds into YouTrack technical issues –> PlasticSCM branch-per-task –> and TeamCity with notion of "deployment pipelines". We plan to create a Zapier app for YouTrack in order to do the link between TeamworkPM and YouTrack...  So far it's proving to be a very exciting path to be headed in...

Andrey - i might need some help with certain workflow requirements in YouTrack and TeamCity.

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