How to get TeamCity mapping to work?

Let me start with a scenario:
We use a GIT repository and we're making commits to several different branches depending on the feature being implemented.  We have YouTrack issues that are in an OPEN or IN PROGRESS state that we're working against.

A developer checks in a fix for ID-1.  TC picks up the change in the GIT repo, YT also also picks up the TC info and resolves the issue to a FIXED state from the commit comment command.  TC does the build, but here's where I'm lost.  The build is green.  I expected that the vcs would get a tag for the build since I selected successful only, but it doesn't happen.  I expect that YT would get a fixed in build, but it doesn't happen.

I can manually label the vcs branch, but why isn't it happening automatically?  I'm not sure that this is a bug, so that's why I'm asking rather than opening an issue.

My vcs root setup does have a default branch and a branch specification.  Is that causing issues?  I ask because, if I change the default branch, run a manual build, then all of a sudden a bunch of issues get updated with build info and the vcs gets a label of the successful build.

This isn't what I expected, but maybe my expectations are incorrect?  Can someone help me to understand how this is supposed to be used?  Am I doing something that isn't supported or outside of the design of the system?

I'm expecting any/every branch to be monitored for changes, update the YT issues (if any) using commit comment commands, TC builds are automatically executed, and the VCS is labeled upon a successful build regardless of the 'default' branch specification.

Can someone that has a similar setup working, point me in the right direction to understand how this should be used and what I'm doing wrong.  Thanks!
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No-one has any suggestions?  How about, can someone just point me in the direction of when does TeamCity apply a 'Fixed in Build' to a YouTrack item?
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Hello Metthew,
I apologize for not responding earlier.

Your understanding is generally correct, except that currently YouTrack does not support TeamCity feature branches. We do have a feature request for this that is currently under development: JT-7079. Most probably, it will be released in YouTrack 5 which is planned to July 2013.

So currently the workaround is to have a separate configuration in TC for each branch and a separate mapping in YT for such a configuration.

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Thank you very much.  That indeed explains why I'm not seeing the builds in YouTrack as I would expect.

Could you shed so light on the branch labeling question?  I anticipated that when a build was successful, regardless of branch that the label would be set, but it appears to only be happening on the branch entered into the branch specification.
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I see the YT issue now for labeling feature branches.  I voted it up hoping it will get resolved in the future.  Thanks again.

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