How to indicate a Resolved state?

I have several projects, and in each of them the State (or similar) field doesn't have a Resolved state or anything like that. For example, in procurements, I have Acquired, whereas in Travel I have Executed. How can I tell YouTrack that these conditions indicate that the issue is 'fixed' (should be crossed out) and not to show it when I do a search for #Unresolved?
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In the administration area, go to Custom Fields, then States. Click on a state that you want to be a resolved state, and in the edit dialog, click the Resolved checkbox. See screen shot.

Note that the above instructions have you editing the global states. If you've attached a custom bundle of states to a project, you'll want to edit that instead.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 14.42.19.png

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