How to create Kanban board to display tickets from all projects?

We want to visualize all the work we do with a single Kanban board, but we have several projects in progress. Sometimes we finish projects, they should disappear from Kanban.

Can we do it on Youtrack? HOW?
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Hello Dmitry,

Unfortunately, it's impossible to view several actvities for several projects on "Agile board" at the time.

This is the query with feature requests regarding your problem , you are welcome to vote and leave comments.

Your use-case is clear, and I would like to suggest you a workaround. You can reach your goal by creating one project with several "subsystems". In this way, all tasks will be displayed on "Agile board", and at the time you will be able to distinguish your tasks by "subsystems" (in your case, it will replace differentiation on several projects).

"Subsystem" is a custom field, that can be configured in "Administration" -> "Custom Fields".

Thank you.

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