Burndown Chart - Using 'Estimation' field only?


So I've added a really simple 1 day sprint, and placed a single task in it.
This single task has an estimation of 2 days, I've added a time spent value of 1d (so our estimation pie is half full)

Viewing the burndown chart, I see that I've still got 2 days worth of actual work remaining, is this correct?
It strikes me that if there's ability to track time spent, that the burndown chart would consider it?
If we're to use 'Estimation' field only, and modify that continually to make the burndown work, that the spent time doesn't provide much functionality.

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Hi Jim,

Yes, that's correct behavior.
"Estimation" field should display the time period, you've planned for the task. It's a permanent work item. That's why we have a "Spent time" field. If you put the cursor on a circle diagram on the task in Agile board, you'll see the tip, kind of "1day spent of 2days remaining".

Thank you.
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Hi again Andrey,

Ok, I can work with that.
I'll break down my tasks further to allow for maximum 2 day tasks (so that a non-complete issues doesn't flatline my graph)

However, I'm having further issues with subtasks.

I have one parent task with two children.
  • Parent
    • Subtask_A - (2d)
    • Subtask_B - (1d)

So, Completing subtask_B should display 2 days left on the burndown graph? but nope, it's displaying 3 days (3 days full estimation of the parent (2d + 1d), with 1 day green in the 'circle diagram' (due to completion of subtask B))

How am I to use YouTrack to track actual work remaining? if time spent is ignored, and subtasks are ignored?
Suggestions welcome :)


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