Imported issues are showing as #Unresolved even when State is "Fixed"

I've just imported a few thousand issues from Mantis into YouTrack, and I've noticed that all of them show up in a search for #Unresolved (so also of course zero for #Resolved).

The state is showing up as "Fixed" when viewing the issue, and that label is green. Doesn't that mean they shouldn't be showing in the open list or backlog?
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Hello Mark,

Looks like a bug.
Did you import data portionaly (~ by 100 issues), and if yes, did you verify if all portions were imported with the same status?
Also, could you please try new Mantis import script first?
If it doesn't help, we'll investigate it further.

Thank you.
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I've used the latest script as of yesterday (05184537170c3cec3ed0b188e8d417df8a20dfba "fixed JT-19435"). The only thing I changed was the batch size to 10, and added a 'print' to tell me when each issue was done importing.

Everything is imported the same - there are no #Resolved items at all. The "State" seems to be set to Fixed, which I thought would be enough to put it in the #Resolved list.

I do have a log of the output, but don't really want to post it publicly as the few failures there were show the ticket details.
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This might be interesting. I've just looked in my admin settings at the custom fields, and noticed that under "States" I have two bundles, "Resolution_bundle (8)" and "States (17)". Even though when I look at a ticket the state shows as "Fixed" (note the capital F and the green background), I have to change the Resolution_bundle's "fixed" (lower 'f') to be ticked as 'resolved' for it to work with the #Resolved/#Unresolved searches and strikethrough style.

I'm not sure I understand the operation of the "State" and the "Resolution" fields, and their relationship with the #Resolved concept. What exactly does #Resolved search on?

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